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Outreach Programs

Outreach Programs are the backbone of the Mayor’s Ethnic Enrichment Commission. Commissioners and their ethnic groups participate in classrooms and/or stage presentations in schools, business venues, trade and civic organizations throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area and, occasionally, in other Kansas and Missouri cities by special invitation. The outreach program committee is the communication channel between the general public and the commission, and the Mayor’s Commission. The committee coordinates all ethnic enrichment programs, evaluates the feasibility and availability of members for participation in any proposed event. Throughout the year the Commission is involved in hundreds of outreach programs either as a group or through individual participation by an ethnic group. Our objectives are:

  • Coordinate and facilitate ethnic programs (appearances at schools, festivals, civic groups,
    business venues and trade organizations)
  • Encourage ethnic identity (promote the preservation of ethnic culture, language, customs,
    foods, music and folk dance), and
  • Preserve ethnic heritage (share information on the city’s diverse ethical heritage).

The presentations of the Mayor’s Commission are free, although the Commission accepts honorariums to continue its mission to expand diversity to all corners of Greater Kansas City. The diversity of our members contributes to the mutual understanding and cooperation among all people touched by our outreach programs.

For further information or to contact a particular ethnic group(s) or to coordinate an outreach program, please contact our Outreach Programs Director, Andrea Khan, by emailing


  1. Hi, I would like to get Tajikistan involved, How do I do that? Thanks.

    • Call our office at 816-513-7553 and request membership forms. Our offices are open 10a – 2p on Monday and Wednesdays.

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