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Virtual Ethnic Festival Announcement

Virtual Festival Announcement

We are proud to announce that we are hosting a Virtual Ethnic Festival this year in lieu of an in-person festival at Swope Park. This annual tradition will still contain your favorite food, music, crafts, and dances from all around the world, all brought to us by locals in the KC metro area.

Attendance is FREE! Registration is NOT required.

The Virtual Ethnic Festival will be streamed LIVE to our Facebook page and here on the website on the third full weekend of August, beginning at 6pm each day. Friday 8/21, Saturday 8/22, and Sunday 8/23.

Kansas City is home to diverse communities from around the world and we want to encourage love and understanding between your neighbors. We hope you join us at the Virtual Ethnic Festival!


Schedule of events

Friday – 6pm Saturday – 6pm Sunday – 6pm
Japan – Music Demo Lithuania – EEC Experience KC Parks by Melinda Minks
Colombia – Dance Cuba – Music Demo Nicaragua – Cooking
Czech & Slovak Republics – Cooking African American – EEC History Ireland – Dance
Iran – Dance Indonesia – Cooking & Dance Vietnam – Cooking
History of EEC by Carol Duncan Pakistan – Cooking Germany – Dance
Nepal – Cooking Puerto Rico – Dance Norway – Cooking
Lebanon – Dance Tutorial Hawaii – Life Experiences Mexico – Dance
Ukraine – Craft Demo India – Dance Tutorial Egypt – Cooking
Samoa – Performance Taiwan – Cooking Peru – Dance/PSA
France – Fun Facts! Sweden – Craft Serbia – Cultural Demo
Malaysia – Cooking Philippines – Cooking China – Art Talk
Panama – Dance Kenya – Baraza Outreach Thailand – Cooking
American Indian – Craft & Regalia
Puerto Rico – Drink Tutorial