Save The Day's

Executive Committee

2020 Ethnic Enrichment Commission Executive Committee

Chairman First Vice Chairperson Second Vice Chairman
Tom Brandom
Tom Brandom (American Indian)

Lisa Gribble (Serbia)

Paul Ceesay
(The Gambia)

 Third Vice Chairperson Treasurer Assistant Treasurer
Debra Haynes (Saint Lucia)

Debra Haynes (Saint Lucia)

Marti Wilson (Indonesia)

Christine Lau (China)
Recording Secretary  Corresponding Secretary  Outreach Director

Lupe Moe (Samoa)

Linda Dost (Sweden)

Linda Dost (Sweden)

Andrea Khan (Kenya)

Festival Manager Historian Immediate Past Chairperson

Milan Hanson (Norway)

Carol C. Duncan

Angela Bello (Colombia)

Ball Chairperson

Cynthia Pearson (Germany)


2018- 2019 Ethnic Enrichment Commission Non-Voting Officers

Sergeant at Arms First Assistant Festival Manager Second Assistant Festival Manager
Rose Marie Mendez (Mexico)

Rose Marie Mendez (Mexico)

James Wilson


Mike Kalny (Czech-Slovak)

Office Manager Parks and Recreation
Special Projects Coordinator
Festival Manager Emeritus
Vanessa (Pete) Brandom

Vanessa (Pete) Brandom

Melinda Minks


Richard Horvatic

Chairperson Emeritus

Carl DiCapo (Italy)

Carl DiCapo

John Thomas Duncan (Scotland)

John Thomas Duncan